5 Best Wifi Extender for Xfinity

wifi extender for Xfinity

Concerning Wi-Fi networks, more than a robust internet connection is required; you must also ensure excellent range and a strong connection with your router to attain optimal speeds.
Even the most powerful routers can be insufficient for large houses or multiple floors.

Wi-Fi extenders are generally less expensive than upgrading to a full-fledged mesh router with mesh Wi-Fi systems and range-extending satellite devices.

This article explores the 5 best Wi-Fi extenders for Xfinity you would like to get. Read on to discover more!

Wi-Fi Extender for Xfinity

A Wi-Fi extender helps broadcast your signal to every corner of your home. These are the top picks we’ve tested and compared.
Plus, these wifi boosters are a cinch to set up.

These devices will function seamlessly regardless of the router brand you employ, and you can generally utilize the same SSID and password as your original router.

That creates a single, seamless connection that will give you the best Wi-Fi range available with your current setup — all without you needing to think about it too much.

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wifi extender for xfinity

Wifi Extender Features to Consider

Wi-Fi extenders are always a good boost that can help stabilize your network, even when there are walls or anything that may seem obstructive.
If you’re grappling with such issues, consider acquiring a reliable Wi-Fi extender (a booster) without delay. Here are key factors to consider when making your purchase.

  • Coverage Range: Since the main reason for getting a Wi-Fi extender is to increase the range of your connection, you should primarily check the extended range offered by the Wi-Fi booster. Based on the budget range and overall quality of the Wi-Fi extender, you will find the range of Wi-Fi extenders from 1200 sq. ft. up to 5000 sq. ft.
  • Bandwidth Capacity: Your Wi-Fi extender needs a bandwidth capacity similar to your primary router to get the best performance. Also, remember that the range extender’s bandwidth capacity should equal or exceed your connection speed. While getting a high-capacity extender is unnecessary, it gives you options for future upgrades.
  • Maximum Devices: Like Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi boosters have a limited capacity of devices connected to the device simultaneously. You should check this capacity if you have a WiFi smart home system. It will allow you to connect many devices to the range extender that could not be connected to the main router.

5 Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Xfinity

NETGEAR EX8000: This tri-band extender offers excellent coverage and is compatible with Xfinity routers. It’s known for its high-speed performance and can cover large areas.

TP-Link RE650: TP-Link is a reputable brand in networking equipment. The RE650 is a dual-band extender that works well with Xfinity routers. It provides good coverage and fast speeds.

Linksys RE9000: Linksys is another trusted name in networking. The RE9000 is a tri-band extender designed for large homes. It’s compatible with Xfinity routers and offers fast and reliable coverage.

Google Nest WiFi: Google Nest WiFi is a mesh WiFi system that can work seamlessly with Xfinity routers. It extends your WiFi coverage and enhances your network’s performance.

D-Link DAP-1650: This dual-band extender is compatible with Xfinity routers and offers a reliable WiFi extension. 

Additionally, it features four Ethernet ports to facilitate wired connections.

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